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Plasma Applied Coatings

Associated Wear Coatings Plasma Applied Coatings

Associated Wear Coatings has had a large amount of experience in the last 27 years providing plasma applied coatings on all types of pieces. What are the advantages of using this type of coating?

  • Complex parts covered with plasma applied coatings are more easily masked than with the HVOF process.
  • This process has the ability to spray materials with a higher melting temperature than the other coating systems.
  • The shorter stand off distance of this gun allows the coating of smaller I.D.'s than the HVOF system.
  • The ability to use a shield gas improves the coating quality by producing a more oxide free coating.

Why partner with Associated Wear for your plasma applied coatings?

We're a small business that loves to work with other small businesses. We pride ourselves on getting the job done on time, on budget, utilizing personal service. It is how we've done it for 27 years and we can help your small business gain the edge. Contact our specialists by email at with specific questions about your needs.

Plasma Applied Coatings

Appropriate industrial applications for plasma applied coatings:

  • Compressor repair – piston rod packing areas, unloader stems
  • Pump repair – rotating and stationary seals, pump plungers, pump shafts, solid and liquid hubs
  • Engine manufacturing – combustion caps, fuel nozzles
  • Chemical plant – mixing augurs (acid resistance)

Materials & Capabilities for Plasma Applied Coatings

Metals - Chrome Oxide, Aluminum Oxide, Chromium Carbide, Yttria Stabilized Zirconia, and Alumina-Titania. We can help you decide which coating is best for the application at hand.

Coating capability (OD), maximum of 20 feet in length, maximum of 40" in diameter, maximum weight of 1500 pounds.

Coating thickness depends on the type of base material, material being applied and the part geometry. Typical coating thickness for plasma applied coatings is .015" thick.

We use a Praxair Plasma Spray System for the highest quality coatings available. We are also able to perform extra machining, grinding services and polishing in house. If you need a quick turnaround on plasma applied coatings for a small run of parts, Associated Wear Coatings wants to be your service team!

Questions about our capabilities?

Let's have a conversation about your items needing plasma applied coatings. You can find out about our order scheduling or the specifications of our equipment and facilities by calling (713) 944-3666 during normal business hours.

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