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HVOF Thermal Spray Coatings

Associated Wear Coatings HVOF Thermal Spray Coatings

There are two distinct differences between conventional flame spray and HVOF thermal spray coatings. HVOF, or high velocity oxygen fuel, utilizes confined combustion and an extended nozzle to heat and accelerate the powdered coating material. Typical HVOF thermal spray devices operate at hypersonic gas velocities. The extreme velocities provide extra energy. This makes all the HVOF thermal spray coatings especially dense, long-lasting and very well adhered in the as-sprayed condition. Benefits include:

  • The high particle velocity obtains 1% or less Porosity and 1% or less Oxides.
  • Bond strength of 10,000 psi and over.
  • Depending on the type of HVOF spray coating being applied, a Rc hardness in the high 60's can be achieved.
  • HVOF Tungsten Carbide coatings have excellent resistance to reciprocating wear and fretting.
  • The hardness and density of the HVOF spray coatings allows us too easily obtain Ra finishes of 8 or less.

If you would like to know the specific spray systems we use and some of the technical specs, please email us at and we will provide details.

What are some specific areas of application for the HVOF thermal spray coating process?

  • Compressor repair – Piston rod packing areas
  • Pump repair – Rotating and stationary seals, pump plungers, pump shafts, solid and liquid hubs
  • Paper Mill – Feed rollers
  • Oil Field – Down hole mandrels, operator noses, upper seal rings,
  • Valve Repair – Stem tubes, valve stems, butterfly valve shafts,
  • Chemical Plant – Thermowells
  • Maritime – Seal sleeves

Why work with Associated Wear Coatings for your HVOF thermal spray coating needs?

At Associated Wear Coatings, we are constantly striving to stay on the cutting edge of thermal spray technologies. But we love serving the little guy. Our typical job runs number anywhere from a custom prototype to around 30 pieces. So if you're a small business entrepreneur who needs a quick turnaround on HVOF thermal spray coatings for a small run of parts, Associated Wear Coatings wants to be your service team!

Materials & Capabilities

Associated Wear Coatings Capabilities HVOF Thermal Spray Coatings

Metals - typical HVOF coatings are Tungsten Carbide, Inconel 718 & 625, Hastelloy C, Monel, Chromium Carbide, and 316SS.

Coating capacity (OD) maximum of 18' in length, maximum 40" diameter, maximum weight 1500 pounds.

Coating thickness - depends on the type of base material, material being applied and the part geometry. Typical coating thickness for HVOF applied coatings is .005" - .010" thick.

Not the type of thermal spray coatings you were looking for? Associated Wear Coatings performs other types such as Plasma, Metalizing, Spray and Fuse Coatings and even machining and grinding. Find out more!

If you have any specific questions about our order scheduling or the capabilities of our team and facilities, please contact us by phone at (713) 944-3666 during normal business hours.

Otherwise, please direct all questions about pricing and quantity for our HVOF thermal spray coating services to -

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